Our Mission and Values

The World Likud is an organization whose goal is to connect global Jewish communities to Israel through extensive educational activities in support of the Jewish homeland.


Programs include Israel advocacy initiatives, frequent and diverse events in support of Israel, as well as more formal informative educational programs.

On a regular basis, the World Likud organizes impactful missions to Israel and Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, to provide further insights. Influential delegations, made up of world leaders, diplomats, entrepreneurs, policy makers and religious figures are empowered to educate their communities as a result of their visits and personal first-hand experiences in Israel.

The World Likud also engages in proactively combating antisemitism, providing the necessary tools, facts and figures to fight lies with truth on social media, online, as well as on broadcast TV and radio.

At the same time the organization seeks to strengthen Zionism and expand global support for Israel. This is especially true in times of war or crisis, where the World Likud is actively engaged in mobilizing support for Israel from pro-Israel groups worldwide.

World Likud also conducts numerous inspiring programs within and throughout the state of Israel, welcoming both the local population and visitors. These initiatives aim to enhance Jewish education, strengthen Jewish identity and reinforce Zionist values.